Using any-shaped material with a (Snapmaker) rotary module

Usually rotary modules for CNC routers and the software used to create the tool-paths for such modules assume that you are using perfectly cylindrical material. It is often much easier to start from differently shaped material since for example square shaped wood blocks are far more common (and cheaper) than cylindrical ones. Therefore I want to present in this article my approach to break these cylindrical limitations.


Since Luban doesn’t have functionality to do a roughing toolpath with a bigger tool and a finishing toolpath with a finer tool afterwards, this will result in a very, very long carving process, with the fine tool carving in the air for most of the time in the beginning to get from cylinder B down to cylinder A before the actual carving can start. Below I will walk through one concrete project of mine and how I tried to reduce the carving time at least a little bit.

  • On the other end I left another small safety buffer, because with one of my attempts I managed to carve into the tip of tailstock, with a similar “space between the ears” that should be carved free.
  • But the diameter of 70mm / radius of 35mm is too big for the included Straight Groove V-bit, which again would result in crashing into the remaining cylinder. There I used the same approach as above to carve this part of the cylinder down to an even smaller cylinder, still using the big 6mm bit.

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